2022-2023 Session #1: Leadership Fundamentals

The CKLDP class of 2023 started off with Session 1 – Leadership Fundamentals on Friday, October 7. This committee-organized session aimed to developing a collegiate mindset by taking place at the University of Houston campus. Scholars learned about the five levels of leadership, vision setting, and developing personal growth plans from former AIA Houston president Alyse Makarewicz. A presentation on the role of Emotional Intelligence in leadership was given by Jessica Ciosek of Selah Brain and Body. Scholars learned about flow state, group triggers, and the importance of stress management. The afternoon was wrapped up with a Leadership Retrospective Panel moderated by the committee’s own Sara Harpole. Scholars heard about career paths and leadership challenges from a diverse group of local leaders: Bill Brown, Diana Davis, Anzilla Gilmore, and Heather Rowell. After the session, scholars and guests enjoyed an outdoor happy hour at Brass Tacks.

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